Just Historic Cars Services

Classic car restoration and repair services for classic & vintage cars


Over the years, we have carried out award winning restorations on a variety of Historic, Competition and Classic cars.


There are a lot of improvements you may have considered (and some you may not have thought of), which could all help your enjoyment and driving experience. Brakes, steering, handling, performance - our aim is to return you a car which handles and stops well, runs well, is reliable and makes you want to drive it.


From engine failures and mechanical breakages to accidental body and suspension damage. We also liaise with insurance companies and inspecting engineers for insurance works.

Full range of services for all of your Classic & Historic car needs

Car Restorations

From everyday Classics where we can restore the car to factory specification, to Historic Competition cars where we can work to restore to a certain point in its history.

We liaise regularly with the customer to discuss finishes, options and budgets to achieve the best results, sometimes working to retain a car’s age and patina, other times producing an as-new car.

We use trusted suppliers to source reliable replacement parts and also work closely with our sub-contract painters and trimmers to achieve the desired finishes.

Classic Car Restoration

Paint & Body Work

We carry out small panel repairs to full restorations where the body is stripped right back and media blasted to remove any build up of paint, filler and corrosion. This can be the most worrying time in any restoration as the full extent of work required is exposed. Larger bodywork jobs are generally placed with our sub-contract body and paint shop with us overseeing the project. The repaired and painted shell is then moved back into our workshop for the rebuild.

Engine Building

We use trusted sub-contract machinists and parts suppliers and every engine is built to our exacting standards.

After a full strip and assessment of usable parts we discuss the final specification and related costs with the customer. All re-machined parts are thoroughly cleaned and checked by us prior to assembly and bought-in parts are similarly checked before fitting.

The customer also has the choice of running the engine off-load before fitting (useful for initial setting up), running it on an engine dynamometer for full running-in and power runs or we can install and run up in the car with the owner doing the final running-in on the road. When the engine is settled we also recommend a rolling road session for final setting up.

Mechanical Services/Upgrades

Suspension – Adjustable dampers, poly-bushes, anti-roll bars, springs, geometry settings etc. Your stock components may just be worn out or maybe you’re just looking to upgrade – there are a lot of choices out there and it can be confusing knowing where best to spend your money to get the best results.
Gearbox conversions – Some of the conversions we have carried out:
• E-Type Moss box to later all-synchro 4 speed.
• E-Type original 4 speed to 5 speed.
• MK2 Moss box to all synchro (with overdrive).
• XJS Automatic to manual 5 speed
• Allard M-Type original 3 speed to 5 speed with removal of torque tube and axle mods to suit.
Power steering conversions – You love the car but don’t particularly enjoy taking it out as it’s difficult to manoeuvre. Have you considered an electric steering conversion?
Brakes – Sometimes, just making sure your braking system is working correctly is part of the battle and fitting modern pad or brake shoe lining material can transform your system and give you confidence in today’s traffic. For those wanting to go further, we can fit uprated calipers and discs to really stop your car.

Other upgrades

Lighting – An LED bulb conversion greatly improves your night-time visibility and really enhances your marker and indicator lamps so other drivers know you are there. Upgrading the dash bulbs helps in the cockpit.

Cooling – making sure your car is usable in today’s traffic conditions is a must. Cooling fans, aluminium radiators, uprated water pumps, oil coolers all help the keep the engine cool. Sometimes it may just be a question of cleaning out a clogged cooling system or sorting the engine tuning.


Maintenance Services

Simple oil and filter changes to fixed price servicing on later cars. Regular servicing helps to keep your car running in top condition and is a good way of identifying looming problems before they become major issues

In addition to the Sports and Race cars from the 50s and 60s, we also look after a wide selection of cars from the 1930s through to more modern Classics of the late 90s & early 2000s.

We have dealer level software for these later cars and regularly service Jaguar XJ. XF, XE & XK models along with the Gaydon era Aston Martins.